Ultra Fast Fibre-Broadband (UFB) is here!

Fibresmart provide certified residential data cabling & quality wireless solutions to connect your home to the new fibre infrastructure.

Get up to speed!

The Government is building an ultra-fast fibre network throughout New Zealand to deliver internet at light-speeds. Your street might be fibre-ready - but are you?

Understanding Fibre - Ultra Fast Broadband

To get fibre broadband into your house, you need to a direct physical connection to fibre data cable in your street. 

The Fibre connection to your house will be the same as your gas supply, electricity or water supply - and your ISP can connect your house to the 'pipeline' in the street.

Fibre & data cabling is not electrical cable and requires specialised installation within the home to ensure that the devices connected perform at their optimum level.

Fibresmart staff are Manufacturer Certified to install data wiring which comes with a 20 year performance warranty so you can be assured you are receiving the full benefits the Fibre provides.

Get reliable Fibre connectivity with FIBRESMART!

High bandwidth users , live streaming, internet TV

Fibresmart gives you a complete review of your in-home requirements. Our technicians assess your bandwidth usage and your technical gadgetry so you can be assured that your fibre investment pays you the back through the smoothest, fastest possible experience.

Fibresmart offers quality wireless or cabled solutions, configured to suit your home's layout, lifestyle and budget.


Do I need Fibresmart?

You should get FIBRESMART if you want:

  • High quality video calling (e.g. SKYPE)
  • Large-file photo and video uploading - YouTube
  • Faster download speeds to enjoy Pay Per View HD services, Gaming or video services
  • Internet TV...or just a reliable connection with fewer 'drop-outs'

Can I get Fibre in my home?

If you are building a new home we can install the right data wiring with a minimum of fuss and interruption right now.


To find out whether fibre is available in your existing location, go to the Chorus Upgrade Map.