What is Fibre?

Fibre gives us ultra fast broadband!

You hear about fibre-optic cables whenever people talk about telephone systems, cable TV or the Internet.  Fibre-optic lines are strands of optically pure glass as thin as human hair that can carry digital information over long distances at the speed of light.  More of our day to day internet activity now involves rich media and uploading & downloading of pictures and video at ever increasing rates.  Internet based services and demand for fibre & ultra fast broadband (UFB) has grown over the years and is now here in NZ!

Currently your Internet or data connection relies on copper wire - which delivers a comparatively slow transmission. Fibre dramatically increases the speed of data transfer for internet based services into your home, otherwise known as "ultra fast broadband" or UFB.

Home users are moving larger files across the cyberspace network these days, a trend that is set to increase up to 50 times its current rate within 10 years. All the latest Smartphones, Tablets, TVs and other new technologies are driving the increase and the desire for faster and more reliable connectivity is one of the main reasons providers and users are installing a fibre-to-the-home broadband connections.

Fibre is a giant leap for technology however cabling, equipment & devices are only as good as their quality and installation.

Given the correct equipment, Fibre dramatically increases your ability & capacity to run multiple computers, internet TVs, live-streamed gaming & music simultaneously - without the problems of slow speeds, noise related issues & dropouts, all inherent issues with the current copper wiring.

Fibre means you can select whether you merely want faster internet to your computer…or whether you want to introduce the new and emerging smart technologies: Internet TV, live-streaming Movies, Music & Games.

Ultra fast broadband gives you...

Faster Upload Speeds

Faster upload speeds means video calling (e.g. Skype & Facetime) will be clearer and of a much higher quality than in the past.

Sharing large photo or video files between friends or sites (e.g. Trademe, You-Tube) will take mere seconds rather than minutes.

Faster Download Speeds

Faster download speeds mean that you have access to services such as Pay Per View HD services, HDC Gaming and Video Calling services.

Fibre allows real time functionality for Business applications such as a remote office, Teleworking, E-Commerce and such like, giving you a competitive edge as well as lifestyle / work from home flexibility.

Mobile App's, Smart Phones, Tablets & Computers through to complete Home Automation & Security Systems…Internet TV's...many modern appliances are now being designed with digital revolution in mind.

You are able to remain with your current copper wire broadband connection however the lack of band-width will mean future services may be unable to be delivered reliably to your home...

If you are building a new home - fibre is the most future-proof way to go!


Learn More About Internet Service Providers

You should contact your current Internet Service provider (ISP) to find out whether they offer a fibre solution that's right for you.

Click here to take a look at current information on ISPs of Ultra Fast Broadband packages.

Your ISP then requests the link from the National Fibre Network to your house, and we take care of the fibre cabling & connection (often to) and throughout the house, ensuring reliable, hassle-free ultra-high speed internet.

Please contact us to discuss further...

Learn More About New Zealand's National Fibe Network

Click here to learn more about the fibre network in NZ.

Do I need Fibresmart?

You should get FIBRESMART if you want:

  • High quality video calling (e.g. SKYPE)
  • Large-file photo and video uploading - YouTube
  • Faster download speeds to enjoy Pay Per View HD services, Gaming or video services
  • Internet TV...or just a reliable connection with fewer 'drop-outs'

Can I get Fibre in my home?

If you are building a new home we can install the right data wiring with a minimum of fuss and interruption right now.


To find out whether fibre is available in your existing location, go to the Chorus Upgrade Map.