With over 25 years of fibre & data cabling, computer & telecommunications experience - we know what works.

We'll get you up to speed - faster!

Fibresmart staff are manufacturer certified to install data wiring which comes with a "20 year performance warranty" so you can be assured you are receiving the full benefits the Fibre (UFB) provides.

Cable Performance Scanning is a crucial test Fibresmart conduct that provides certified results and a 20 year manufacturer's warranty for parts, labour & installation.  This test proves the quality of cable & our installation practices - that the cabling installed is providing the maximum deliverable spped possible; thus allowing your IP & Smart devices to perform at their best, as designed!  This test is especially important when eliminating performance factors when connecting new IP based services.

Fibresmart provide written documentation of the test results at the time of installation. 

Home Fibre Network

The fibre network may be in your street or subdivision but needs to be connected to the point of entry to your home (a connection called an "ONT")

You will need to request this from an ISP (Internet Service Provider) who will provide you with Ultra Fast Broadband rates and packages.   

The selection of Broadband width you select from your ISP will also determine the speed & quality of transmission - especially if multiple IP devices are being used at once.

Upon your sign-up the ISP will then initiate connection of the fibre cables to your house.  

This is where Fibresmart comes in!

Fibresmart often completes these Fibre (UFB) connections in Wellington, as a Contractor to the the network provider, so we can see the job through from the outset to completion.

Once the "ONT" is installed, connection can be made to your internet devices via a combination of wireless and cabled solutions.  This all depends on your home's layout & your usage of smart devices & computers.

Fibre & data cabling is not electrical cable and requires specialised installation within the home to ensure that the devices connected perform at their optimum level; substandard installation could compromise the performance of the faster broadband you have paid for.  It will not improve your internet based services if installed incorrectly.

Depending on the services you wish to use - your current cabling, routers, switches & peripheral devices may need to be upgraded to fully receive the optimum speed & quality fibre can deliver.

You may currently have a router from you ISP (Internet Service Provider) but you may require a new router capable of connecting to the new fibre services.

Your existing ADSL router will not work on the new fibre connection and although your ISP may supply you with a new router upon sign up (of a fibre connection package), its performance will depend on the layout & quantity of internet based devices you utilise in your home.  WAP (Wireless Access Points) are another consideration when determining the wireless coverage required in your home.   

Fibresmart are here to advise you on the process & assist with any equipment & wiring required to optimise your new "ultra-fast" connection to your Computers, Internet TV, Gaming, Music & smart IP based gadgets.

Fibresmart visit you to discuss your options to integrate your devices to ensure the fastest broadband speed & complete coverage around your home; whether this is via a quality wireless and/or structured wiring solution - for your current home or a new house under construction.

Fibresmart provide quality solutions to deliver the benefits of fibre around you, configured to suit your home's layout, lifestyle & budget - scanned & tested for the best future with fibre.

For more information about Fibresmart Residential services please contact us.

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Click here for more information on your local Internet Service Providers - they will initiate your request for Ultra Fast Broadband in your home or business.

Click here for more information on Residential premises wiring, compliance & guidelines.

Do I need Fibresmart?

You should get FIBRESMART if you want:

  • High quality video calling (e.g. SKYPE)
  • Large-file photo and video uploading - YouTube
  • Faster download speeds to enjoy Pay Per View HD services, Gaming or video services
  • Internet TV...or just a reliable connection with fewer 'drop-outs'

Can I get Fibre in my home?

If you are building a new home we can install the right data wiring with a minimum of fuss and interruption right now.


To find out whether fibre is available in your existing location, go to the Chorus Upgrade Map.